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About me

I'm an early childhood educator from Toronto, Canada. I derive great pleasure from teaching young children and watching them learn & grow. My teaching style is to create a fun and engaging environment for the students to maximize their learning.

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Places i've lived

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Teaching Philosophy

Life Skills Cognitive

Life lessons come first

Information will always be there for us to find, whether it's by flipping a page or clicking a link online. It's a teacher's job to help students learn how to use the most powerful tool available to them ... their minds. Letting them know that making mistakes is OK, teaching them how to learn from their mistakes, and how to reflect, these are the lessons that will last them a lifetime.

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Keep it fun

Be silly with the students. It's amazing how their attitude towards learning changes when they feel they can be themselves around the teacher. Plan games and fun activities for them to apply or review what they have learned, because which child wants to listen to an adult speaking for a whole year ?!

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Students need to work for the answers to their questions. If a student asks "How do you spell ....?" , reply with "You tell me! Break the sounds down and have a go." Help them build the habit of thinking for themselves and becoming risk takers.

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Every child is unique

Each student has their own way of understanding things. Make sure lessons and assessments are catered to all learning styles in the classroom. encourage student inquiry and Create generations of thinkers and problem solvers who will make our world a more peaceful place with more compassion and understanding.


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Double major in Economics and Innovation Management

The German University in Cairo, Egypt

Innovation Management

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

  • TEFL 150 hrs - Teaching to young learners (University of Toronto, Canada)
  • IB Certification - (University of Windsor, Canada)

Professional Development

Buildable Storybook Classroom Flag Decoration


'Understanding and Changing Challenging Behaviors' by Dr. Jim Partington

April 23rd 2022

'Darkness to Light: Protecting Children During a Crisis' - Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

March 30th 2023

'What is Anti-Racist/Anti-Bias Curriculum and Why Should We Teach It to Young Children?' by Victor L.Bradley Jr.

Oct. 22nd 2022

'Language-Based ABA/VB Classrooms' by Dr. Jim Partington

Nov. 12th 2022

'Darkness to Light: Stewards of Children' - Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

April 5th 2023


Certificate for presenting [How to Talk to Children] at the UIA professional development conference 'Inspired 2022' - August 24th 2022